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Drain Unblocking

Drainage problems only get worse, so it's important to deal with them as soon as problems arise. Finding the issue early can avoid costly repairs and damage.

Blocked Toilets

Blocked Toilets are a common problem in both domestic and commercial properties. We take care of all types of blockages and resume regualr flow in your pipes and drains.

Blocked Sinks

Blocked sinks are very common and prone to blocking from sanitary products and hair amongst other things. Kitchen sinks are usually blocked by grease, oil and limescale. We take care of all sink blockages with minimal disruption to your home.

High Pressure Jetting

At Draincare Direct we use High Pressure Jetting to clear your drains when rods can't reach the problem. Jetting is very effective way to clear different types of obstructions. Our vans are all fully equipped with professional jetting equipment.

Root Removal

Tree Roots in drains are a common place and are one of the main problems causing blockages. In many cases we can usually remove roots or cut them away. However if there are severe joint fractures then you may require an excavation.


Our professional descaling equipment clears hard scale build up from your drains. We use a combination of high pressure jetting with rotating chain flail to give pipes a thorough clean.

CCTV Survey

Our specialist CCTV equipment allows us to quickly and efficiently survey your drains to get a visual of any issues that may be residing withing the drainage system. All images are diplayed on our monitor equipment and our engineers can the determine the best action to take.

Drain Repairs

Our drain repair service covers all types of drain repair incluidng lining and relining which have become popular ways to repair drains. We will always give you clear honest advice and the best solutions to take care of your problems.


There are certain situations where the only solution to drain problems is to carry out an excavation. Our team are fully equipped and ready to carry out drain excavations, however this service is reserved for serious drain issues as it can disrupt immediate surroundings.

Planned Maintenance

It's important to keep your drains clear from build up so you avoid problems further down the line. This is especially important for business. We provide planned maintenance to routinely remove build up of scale deposits and other forms of blockages. This ensures that your business can continue uninterupted without having to deal with unexpected drain issues.